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a sleep an memory lab

Image by Chen from Pixabay


In our lab, we are interested in everything related to memory and sleep.

How do we learn from new experiences and store memories? What happens to these memories over time? And what does sleep have to do with this?

Look around to find out what we are currently up to.

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  • conferences: pug hamburg & FENS Vienna

    Once again, PuG and FENS are happening!

    In Hamburg, Svenja and Tobias will both presented a poster! Svenja will additionally present her work in Vienna at FENS.

  • Wanted: We are hiring!

    We are looking for another PhD student from the field of psychology / neuroscience / cognitive science or from the field of machine learning / neural information processing / electrophysiological signal processing!

    You can find all the info in German and English here.

  • new lab membeR: tobias haase

    We have a new lab member! Tobias Haase is joining us from Goethe University Frankfurt after finishing his master’s in Psychology.